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2018 Year of the Dog

As the crow of the rooster quietens down, in will walk the Year of the Dog, a brown dog, with the Chinese New Year on February 16.

The Dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese Zodiac 12-year cycle.  2018 will correspond to the Earth Element so you may hear it referred to as a ‘brown dog’ or ‘earth dog’ year. It will be on the Yang side, but with Earth comes stability and groundedness after the Fire of the previous few years.

The dog is considered an auspicious animal – it is said if a dog walks into your home then it is a sign of good future. While in Chinese legend the God, Erlang, used a wolfhound to defeat monsters.

Without a doubt, the dog symbolizes a loyal companion with an understanding of the human spirit – it doesn’t mind if you are rich or poor.

Generous and tolerant in nature it is considered an ethical and idealistic sign. As such it may be a year when social awareness, social change and social justice come to the forefront of society and thinking.

There is caution to it being a potentially more sensitive and emotional time. And as we’ve all seen, dogs can be very stubborn at times.