Our enrolment period for 2024 Diploma studies is open until December 19th - book your enrolment interview now!

2024 Course Schedule

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Study Shiatsu and East Asian Medicine in 2024

In 2024 we are proud to offer our nationally recognised Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (HLT52215) as two blended learning study streams. Practical learning can be engaged in through two programs: Melbourne based students can enjoy weekly practical classes and clinics. Full and part time study options available (2 or 4 years) Interstate and …

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Winter 2023 – Season of the Water Element

Welcome to our Winter newsletter! We have just passed the Winter solstice, the time of utmost Yin and from now the journey towards Yang begins once again. Light becomes more abundant as we move through the yearly cycle. Winter is our time of Yin rest, retreat and reflection. It is a time of stillness and …

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Summer 2023 – Season of the Fire Element

As summer approaches, temperatures rise.. Summer is the season when Yang is at its strongest and everything grows. Summer is the season when we have all fully emerged from our winter hibernation to shed our coats and play! Summer is about connection. The seasonal element of summer is fire. Fire gives off heat, light, and …

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Spring 2022 – Season of the Wood Element

Spring brings us out of hibernation, and gives us the opportunity to reflect on how we can use our energies wisely. We can look at this as a chance to cleanse, release, and recharge. In doing so, we can tap into the energy of the seasons to help us move forward, grow, and heal. In …

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Winter 2022 – Season of Water Element

We are approaching the Winter solstice, the time of utmost Yin and from which the journey towards Yang begins once again. Light will become more abundant as we move forward through the yearly cycle. This period of Winter is our time of Yin rest, retreat and reflection. It is the time of the stillness and …

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Autumn 2022 – Season of Metal Element

As the cool crisp mornings are with us once more and the landscape is filled with early mists, we find ourselves entering Autumn, the time of Metal energies. Metal is the phase where our Yang (active) energies remain as we move towards the Yin (restful) time of year. Around us we observe that the trees …

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Summer 2022 – Season of Fire Element

Summer is here now, slowly and cautiously announcing it’s arrival. Warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunlight are with us as we approach the Summer Solstice next week. Traditionally this period of the year is our time of festivities, celebration and time with family and friends. Summer resonates with the element of Fire, an active …

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Spring 2020 – Season of wood element

Today is the first day of Spring (as I write this) according to the calendar, with a full moon rising. The wattle is blooming, a sure sign of Poorneet (Wurundjeri) and tadpole season, as days and nights even out into a temporal balance. Spring in Oriental Medicine is a time of activity, growth, expansion, rising …

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ASC Coronavirus policy

The Australian Shiatsu College is following the Coronavirus situation very carefully, and is ensuring our policies and procedures around health and safety are transparent, clear, up-to-date with the latest advice. We are ensuring these procedures are followed by all members of the College, both staff and students, for the health and wellbeing of all who …

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