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Polarity Medicine Course – The Japanese Plus-Minus School

Venue: China Books

Course duration: 6 Weekends

Cost: $3380

Since the 1950s, traditional acupuncture has slowly been integrated into a Zang Fu model of syndromes and herbal diagnosis. The acupuncture itself has generally been allocated to point function and symptom management with herbs given to the patient for constitutional imbalance. In Japan, the classical model was allowed to grow as were innovations based in the Plus-Minus Schools of Polarity Medicine.

‘Our life is electric, and what is bio-electricity if not concentrated metabolism, pure bio-energy, what Chinese Medicine sees as Qi? The parallels between Qi and electricity are intriguing… Qi, the organisational force of the body, moves according to simple laws… The body is connected, the thing that connects it is called connective tissue, and the most ubiquitous connective tissue is fascia. Electricity in the body is found where energy is concentrated.’

(Norman Blair)

This course will introduce you to the many styles and tools of the Japanese Topology Association of Dr. Manaka and the Biomagnetic Healing methods used to move the Ki throughout the body. We will study the complete systems of Dr. Manaka, Kawai sensei, Miyawaki sensei, Dr. Honda, Dr. Maruyama and various other teachers from Japan.

Tools will vary from different types of Ion Pumping Cords, Triple By Pass Cords, Diode Rings, Silver Chains, Zinc and Copper/Gold and Silver treatments, Magnetic Ion Pumping Cords, Magnets and Quadrapolar Magnets, Piezo devices, Pachi Pachi and many more tools.

Themes and Topics:

  • How to diagnose which Extraordinary Vessel is the constitutional imbalance as well as differential diagnosis between the Master and Couple points.
  • A variety of Polarity tools that take advantage of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, Chinese Clock and Internal Channel relationships.
  • Specific symptom control methods as well as non-pattern root treatments.
  • Whiplash treatments, Burn, Trauma and Pain management.
  • The X-Signal System model, Octahedral model and its relationship to meridian treatment.
  • Training will include hara patterns, open points and Hirata zones as well as treatments for acute and chronic conditions.
  • Biomagnetic Healing, including basic magnets and quadrapolar magnets.
  • Constitutional and Symptom Control treatments of Dr Manaka and Kawai sensei.
  • Dr Honda’s Gastrocnemius Palpation.
  • Yin-Yang Balancing Treatments of Yashikawa Masako.
  • Palpating the belly (hara) and matching the Mu Points.
  • The use of various Ion Pumping Cords.
  • Triple By Pass Cords and Pachi Pachi sparker.
  • Piezo Devices.
  • Zinc and Copper plates and needles.
  • Silver Chain and Diode Chain treatments.
  • Diode Rings.
  • Understanding the Constitution and selection of appropriate tools and treatment.
  • Miyawaki Sensei’s 8 plus 2 Extraordinary Vessel treatments.
  • Toyohari’s Extra-Ordinary Vessel treatments.
  • Chinese Clock Polar Opposite Shigo treatment.
  • Dr Maruyama’s symptom control.
  • Normal Ion Pumping (NIP) cord treatments 1 -13
  • Kawai sensei’s Infinity and Universal Infinity treatments.
  • Kawai sensei Ankle/Wrist treatments for the body.
  • Scar, amputation and paralysis treatments.
  • Ion Beam Device and Electro Static Adsorbers.
  • Treatments for specialized hara patterns.
  • Magnetic Ion Pumping Cords.
  • Manaka Mu Points and 60-Day Open Points.
  • Polar Channel Pair Treatments.
  • Magnetic Cooker treatment.
  • Non-Pattern General Whole Body treatments.
  • Liver and Hepatitis treatments.
  • Gold and Silver treatments.
  • Symptomatic Ion Pumping Cord Treatments.
  • Have a broad base of alternatives to adjust the protocols in accordance with the Blood Stasis Model and Prognosis, the difficulty of presenting pattern, patient sensitivity, appropriate skill base of practitioner, and particular preferences of the patient.

This polarity medicine course will include a new weekend on Divergent Meridians covering:

  • Divergent Meridians as used by the members of the Topology Association founded by Dr Manaka
  • Strategies of Tadashi Irie, Kodo Seiki, Shigeji Naomoto
  • As well we look at how various approaches to Divergent Meridian treatments have evolved concluding with the work of Miki Shima’s approach.

What you can expect to learn:

  • The Polarity Medicine course is highly practical with hands-on supervision. Theory is wonderful but if it is not clinically relevant or able to be demonstrated immediately, it serves no purpose other than speculation.
  • Mostly these treatments are non-insertive, needing to stay at the surface of the skin using reusable SSP applications.
  • Constitutional Root treatments will be taught as well as symptom control for most conditions

Learning Outcomes:

  • The aim of the course is to provide a hands-on clinical environment, coupled with a classical theoretical foundation for the application of Polarity Medicine in a modern clinical setting.
  • The steps lead one methodically to a complete treatment, while leaving room for the individual’s experience and preferences to be expressed within the treatment choice.
  • The chief feature of Polarity Medicine is the ability to treat the constitution of each patient regardless of the complexity of symptoms.

About the presenter:

Paul Movsessian Profile

Paul Movsessian has been in practice since 1986, having lived and worked in Australia and the USA. His interest in the Japanese style of acupuncture and moxibustion lead him to be trained by many various teachers learning a wide range of treatment techniques. 

Paul has lectured for many years in the USA, Canada, and New Zealand and brought the foundations of the Japanese styles to Australia in 1997. 

Paul has had the privilege of studying in Japan over many years under the guidance of some of the greatest teachers in various styles. Training in the Toyohari system of Meridian Therapy under the guidance of such teachers as Akihiro Takai, Shuho Taniuchi, Koryo Nakada, Shozo Takahashi, and Toshio Yanagishita. Paul was instrumental in the founding of the Toyohari system in Australasia and was the past President of the Australasian Branch of the Toyohari Association, a Registered Academic Practitioner and a qualified teacher before retiring from the Toyohari Association.

He has also had the privilege of studying under Kiiko Matsumoto, Masakazu Ikeda, Fukushima Tetsuya, Takayoshi Ogawa, Yashikawa Masako, who has developed the Yin Yang Taikyoku method, Sugiyama Isao, a classical acupuncturist and various other teachers from Japan.

Currently, Paul is running a successful clinic in the Blue Mountains and lecturing extensively to practitioners sharing many new treatment strategies and skills to integrate within their practice and produce powerful clinical results.

Course details


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*must be paid in full by 3rd February 2023

Payment Plan

A payment plan option is available – requires participants to pay a deposit and then 6 instalments of $530 (Student $470) before the commencement of each weekend.


All Manaka Steps 1 & 2 plus theory.

This weekend is a presentation of Dr. Yoshio Manaka’s Channel Treatment Protocols and will cover:

  • Doctor Yoshio Manaka
  • Information Theory and General System Theory
  • The X Signal System
  • Yin-Yang In Topology
  • The Octahedral Model
  • Isophasality
  • Homeostasis
  • Holography
  • Chaos Theory
  • Protocols for the Use of Ion Pumping Cords
  • Needle Technique and SSP’s
  • Manaka’s Mu Points and Traditional Mu Points
  • Dr. Omura’s Bidigital O-Ring Test
  • Palpation
  • The Eight Extraordinary Vessels
  • The Eight Extraordinary Vessels and Point Location
  • Extraordinary Vessel Symptomology
  • Step 1 Extraordinary Vessel IPC Treatment Model
  • Differential Diagnosis of Extraordinary Vessel
  • Step 2 Dr. Manaka’s Treatment Model

This weekend is a presentation of Yoshihiro Kawai Sensei’s Treatment Protocols and will cover:

  • Yoshihiro Kawai
  • Triple Bypass Cords
  • Pachi-Pachi Sparker
  • Contraindications
  • Hibiki-7
  • Guidelines Using Triple Bypass Cords (TBC’s)
  • Testing TBC
  • IPC Infinity Treatments
  • TBC Infinity Treatment
  • Wrist and Ankle IPC Treatments
  • Asthma
  • Hepatitis
  • Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Intestinal Problems
  • Spastic Colon, Colitis and Indigestion
  • Angina, Anemia and High/Low Blood Pressure
  • Constipation
  • Menstrual Problems, Cramps and PMS
  • Prostatitis
  • Post-Stroke
  • Parkinson’s Disease and Epilepsy
  • Post-Stroke Limb Paralysis
  • Ren-Dun Non-Communication
  • Bell’s Palsy
  • Cardiac Disease
  • Sinus and Allergies
  • Ears and Eyes
  • Headaches
  • Back Pain
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Scoliosis
  • Vertigo
  • Cancer
  • Insomnia

This weekend will cover Yoshihiro Kawai Sensei’s Treatment Protocols using:

  • Diode Rings – Copper and Gold
  • Diode Rings and Triple Bypass Cords plus Pachi-Pachi Sparker
  • Diode Rings, Foil and Triple Bypass Cords plus Pachi-Pachi Sparker
  • Contraindications
  • Kawai Diode Ring Treatments – Fingers and Toes
  • Kawai’s Diode Ring Combinations Fingers-Toes
  • Kawai’s Blood Circulation Treatment
  • Gold Plated Diode Ring Universal Infinity Treatment
  • Diode Chain
  • Diode Ring or Chain with Aluminium Foil Treatment
  • Scars
  • Kawai’s Foot Neuropathy Treatment
  • Neuromas and Ganglions
  • Sprained Ankle
  • Wrist Pain
  • Amputation Phantom Limb Pain
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Eyes and Ears
  • Gold Plated Magnet Diode Rings without Foil
  • Quick Migraine Treatment with Chain and TBC
  • Clinical Treatments from Kawai
  • Kawai’s Neurosis, Stress and Insomnia Treatments
  • Thyroid
  • Kawai Parkinson’s Disease
  • Kawai’s Hepatitis Treatment
  • Doctor Manaka’s Liver and Hepatitis Treatments
  • Doctor Manaka’s Whiplash Treatment
  • Doctor Manaka’s Burn and Paralysis Treatments
  • Doctor Makio Maruyama’s Symptomatic Cord Treatments

This weekend will cover:

  • Ion Pumping Cords to Polar Channel Pairs
    • Honda’s Gastrocnemius Palpation
    • Colors Correspondences and Source Points or Polar Channel Points
    • Fire Points
    • Toyohari Shigo Technique
    • Toyohari Kikei Technique
    • Kazuto Miyawaki Kikei Method
    • Corresponding Symptoms and Diseases and Extraordinary Vessel Treatment Patterns
    • Itaya’s Frozen Shoulder Treatment
    • Sinus problems
    • Allergic Rhinitis
    • Pancreatitis
    • Four Gates Treatment
    • Ni’s Double Four Gates
    • Mixed Yin Pattern of Ren Mai and Cross Syndrome Also called K3L
    • Oran’s Modified K3L known as KLLP
    • Yang Ming
  • Heart-Liver or Shao Yin Jue Yin
  • Ren and Four Gates
    • Mixed Qiao

This weekend will cover:

  • ION Beam
  • Elecrostatatic Absorbers
  • Hibiki 7
  • Acugraph
  • NIP 1 – NIP 13
    and more…..

This weekend will cover:

  • Divergent Meridians as used by the members of the Topology Association founded by Dr Manaka
  • Strategies of Tadashi Irie, Kodo Seiki, Shigeji Naomoto
  • As well we look at how various approaches to Divergent Meridian treatments have evolved concluding with the work of Miki Shima’s approach.


China Books workshop space, 234 Swanston St Melbourne


$200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place.

Refund policy

The deposit of $200 is non-refundable.

Balance refundable if cancellation is given 14 days before workshop commencement.

If the course is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances a full refund will apply.


Shiatsu practitioner, student or bodyworker

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Should you have any questions about this workshop please contact the college directly.

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