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Self Healing Qigong

Course duration: 9 Weeks

Cost: $275

Qigong is a health cultivation practice originating from ancient China practised to promote vitality, emotional and mental balance and deeper awareness of oneself and of Life.

Qigong commonly uses breath, movement, visualisation & meditation to cultivate, transform and move qi (energy) within the body.

The Self Healing Qigong Exercise is an active form of qigong that utilises movement and visualisation to actively engage with and balance the energy “Qi” of your body.

It aids in the elimination of pathogens, removal of energy blockages and promotes a more balanced and harmonious flow of energy leading to increased vitality, a strengthened immune system and overall health. It has been known to help with the following conditions: chronic fatigue, liver disorders, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, hypertension, depression, insomnia, emotional stress, digestive issues.

What if I already enjoy good health?

We all experience energy blockages even though we may not exhibit physical symptoms and you will have a wonderful tool to maintain your good health and deepen your self-awareness.

In this comprehensive course you will learn:

  • the Self Healing Qigong Exercise form and variations
  • the Nature and Benefits of Qigong
  • Introduction to your energetic structure and the Taoist Three Treasures
  • Techniques to reduce headaches and ground one’s energy
  • Qigong Standing Posture
  • many tips to improve general health
  • and all in a relaxed, friendly environment!!

Enjoyable to practice and suitable for all ages!!

Each 90-minute lesson during this 9-week course progressively builds on learning from prior weeks. For this reason, students are encouraged to attend all classes to draw the maximum benefit from this learning opportunity.

Participant numbers are capped to ensure an optimal learning experience.

Course dates:

  • Every Tuesday for 9 weeks starting on July 19th, 3:00-4:30 pm

Course cost: $275 for the full series ($250 concession)

Your facilitator: Lisa Pearson has been practising qigong for over 15 years.  She first learn qigong with Dr Bisong Guo, renowned teacher and author of Listen to your Body, and attended Dr Guo’s complete qigong training and retreat when Dr Guo first came to Australia.  Lisa went on to study qigong with Master Liu from the Australian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong in Melbourne and became a qualified teacher.   Lisa has an East Asian Medicine & Bodywork clinic and is passionate about enhancing the health of both people and the planet.

You can learn more about Lisa’s practice at

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