Master the Art of Diagnosis: Dive Deeper into Diagnosis With East Asian Medicine

Refine Your Diagnostic Skills with Comprehensive Training in Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis Techniques

When we take the pulses we are not just able to feel for their general volume and quality. The pulses are messages from the officials as to how they are functioning in all respects. We can feel the state of an official’s mind and spirit as well as its physical state. The pulses extend our understanding of the relationships between the elements and officials.

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Are you looking to explore your Healing potential?

As a bodyworker, you understand the significance of accurate diagnosis for effective treatment. Enhance your diagnostic skills with our course on ‘East Asian Medicine Diagnostic Techniques’, designed specifically for practitioners like you.

You’ve seen how generic diagnostic methods may not give us the full understanding we need for personalized treatment. You crave the expertise to interpret the intricate cues of the body more accurately, leading you to the heart of your clients’ needs. You desire more confidence in your diagnosis and treatment plan.

A Leader in East Asian Medicine Education

Welcome to our course focusing on the art of East Asian Medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis. This training will immerse you in the nuances of these pivotal diagnostic tools, enhancing your understanding and application of these time-honored techniques in your practice.

The Australian Shiatsu College has been training East Asian Medicine practitioners in Melbourne for over 35 years. With a student centred approach, we blend online and in person learning to support your development and consolidation of skills.

Whether you know the basics and wish to feel more confident, or are just starting out on this journey we have a place for you.

Take the first step

Engage in detailed lessons on the basics of tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Deepen your knowledge

Learn about tongue presentations, pulse qualities, and comparing pulses in Japanese acupuncture.

Practice your new skill

Take part in interactive pulse-taking consensus and calibration workshops to deepen your practical understanding.

Why study Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis?

Ready to take your diagnostic skills to the next level? Enroll in our East Asian Medicine Diagnostic Techniques course today. Step into a deeper realm of understanding and transform your practice.

This course is for people who have finished our Oriental Medicine Frameworks Series or have experience in other Chinese Medicine practices like Tuina, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, etc.

Client stories provide essential information for understanding their experience. Clients have their own perspective and interpretation of this information, making it subjective.

Objective tools like tongue and pulse diagnosis help us determine the right treatment for the body’s needs.

By having more legs to our ‘diagnostic stool’ we have a more solid and assured place to rest our diagnosis and treatment plans.

These tools also allow us to observe the effects of our treatments, often before the presenting symptoms themselves can change. This is especially important when supporting client with more chronic conditions.

2024 Calibration classes are in mid February and late August.

“Listen, dont assume”

East Asian Medicine Diagnostics involves a range of skills. You will learn:

  • Pulse and Tongue maps
  • Basic techniques for reading the pulse and tongue
  • A detailed understanding of tongue body and coat presentations
  • A simplified way to understand the pulse qualities
  • Use comparative pulse diagnosis to diagnose one of four basic root patterns, which guides you in treatment.

Once you finish the course, you’ll feel more confident using these techniques to support your diagnoses and treatment plans.


Access a deeper level of recognising the messages of the body for more personalised healing

Wondering if you have the foundation to benefit from this course? No matter what your background is – acupuncturist, Shiatsu practitioner, or Tuina therapist – our course will help you expand your knowledge. Our instructors will guide you through the learning process so you can master these diagnostic techniques.

Bring Pulse and Tongue Diagnosis into Your Practice

Visualize yourself confidently applying your diagnostic skills and providing personalized treatments that deeply connect with your clients. Your enriched understanding of the human body, as seen through the lens of East Asian medicine, will be a catalyst for transforming your practice. Enroll today and let this specialized training be your stepping stone to greater professional success.

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