Delve Deeper into the World of Shiatsu: Master Classical Namikoshi Techniques

Elevate Your Shiatsu Practice to New Heights with Our Classical Shiatsu Course

The pressure of the hands causes the springs of life to flow.

Tokujiro Namikoshi

Beyond Zen Shiatsu: Unlock the Secrets of Deeper Healing Potential

You’ve embarked on the transformative journey of Zen Shiatsu touch and felt the fulfilment of helping others heal with meridian therapy. Now, you’re hungry for more knowledge and powerful techniques to advance your practice. Our Classical Shiatsu Course is the perfect opportunity for you to deepen your understanding and refine your skills, propelling you to the forefront of the healing arts.

Although you’ve experienced success with the Zen Shiatsu approach, you long to offer even more effective treatments for your clients, to bring forth their innate healing potential with newfound precision. You crave a deeper understanding of the body and the energy that flows within and mastery of techniques that can profoundly alleviate suffering.

Well-rounded Shiatsu Education

Introducing the Classical Shiatsu Course at Australian Shiatsu College, designed to build upon your foundational Zen Shiatsu abilities while incorporating the traditional techniques of the renowned Namikoshi Shiatsu form of shiatsu. Our comprehensive program seamlessly blends Western anatomy with powerful, specific pressure points on the body—unlocking an even greater capacity to promote healing.

Fusing Tradition and Western Approaches

Deepen your knowledge of Traditional Medicine with a Shiatsu style that aligns with Western massage treatments.

Master new techniques

Learn and apply a range of techniques for using palms, thumbs, and fingers.

Explore a New Shiatsu System

Practice on the Tokujiro Namikoshi system of lines and points, discovering how to stimulate the body’s own healing power.

What are the benefits of studying Classical Shiatsu?

Unleash your full potential as a healer by enrolling in our Classical Shiatsu Course, taught explicitly at the Australian Shiatsu College. Seize the growth opportunity that lies ahead and immerse yourself in the ancient art of Classical Shiatsu, grounded in the work of Tokujiro Namakoshi. This unique approach to Shiatsu requires no reliance on TCM meridians and theory, and the comprehension of Western anatomy will support your study of this modality. By mastering versatile techniques that utilize fingers, thumbs, and hands to assess and treat simultaneously, you can elevate your practice and stand out in the world of holistic healing.

Embark upon a transformative journey that will redefine your approach to healing and client care with Classical Shiatsu. Achieve greater success in your practice by treating clients with a holistic, whole-body approach to health and well-being. This exclusive learning experience, emphasizing the main form of Shiatsu practised in Japan today, will help you become a sought-after practitioner in this powerful realm. Don’t let this potential growth pass you by—embrace this opportunity to enhance your skills and join our Classical Shiatsu Course today.

The heart of Shiatsu
is like a mother’s heart

Tokujiro Namikoshi

Classical Shiatsu follows the muscular lines outlined by Namikoshi. You will learn:

  • A range of ways to apply pressure
  • Specific areas to treat for dysfunction of all areas of the body

Upon completing the course you will be equipped with a range of skills for self-care and the ability to practice Classical Shiatsu with your family and friends.

Classical Shiatsu Face

Be confident integrating Classical and Zen Shiatsu styles in your practice

Feeling unsure about integrating Namikoshi Shiatsu into your practice? Our expert instructors will guide and support you in learning these techniques, ensuring that your newfound knowledge complements your existing Zen Shiatsu experience. Together, you’ll refine and perfect your healing touch.

Continue your journey into Shiatsu

Envision the rewarding future that awaits you as you become proficient as a Classical Shiatsu therapist, offering clients an unmatched and transformative level of care. Your dedication to continuous learning and growth will enhance your well-being and elevate the lives of those you touch. Enrol in our Classical Shiatsu Course today and unleash your full healing potential within Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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