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Human Physiology Short Course

Venue: Online

Course duration: Semester long

Cost: $900

In our Physiology Short Course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the human body and its organs through this course, designed to improve your Shiatsu practice. You will learn the names, locations and functions of the organs and tissues that work together to support life in the body.

Physiology is the study of the mechanisms of how our body functions internally in health and disease. It involves understanding the body from a cellular level up to the structure of our organs and how they function to maintain life in the human body.

Through this course, you’ll gain a fuller experience of the complexity of the human body. This journey through the body will introduce you to knowledge about the different systems of the body including:

  • digestive
  • circulatory
  • lymphatic
  • respiratory
  • urinary
  • endocrine (hormonal)
  • nervous
  • reproductive
  • integumentary (skin, hair etc)

Understanding Physiology helps us understand how the body works from a Western perspective. This is a complementary and integrated way to support an understanding of the body from an Oriental Medicine perspective.

This wisdom helps you understand your body better. This enables you to have more meaningful conversations with your healthcare providers about your health.

This greater appreciation of the wonder of the human body also stimulates a greater appreciation of all that your body does to support you. Through awareness and empowered knowledge, one can make better choices for the health of oneself and one’s loved ones.

If you wish to study more and become a Shiatsu Practitioner, you can gain credit for these studies in our Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine program.

Other short courses on offer include Oriental Medicine Foundations and Zen Shiatsu.

Physiology Short CourseClasses

Your classes are delivered via our online learning platform during the study period of Semester One, beginning 12th February 2024.

There will be 6 live tutorials scheduled during the semester to support integrating knowledge from online classes.

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