Journey Into the Heart of Oriental Medicine

Are you ready to turn the pages of ancient wisdom and navigate the extraordinary landscape of Traditional Chinese Medicine? Embark on a transformative journey with our Oriental Medicine Frameworks short course and discover a holistic approach to your personal well-being and become an empowered advocate for your own health.

Treat when healthy rather than when sick; waiting to act until after disease appears is like digging a well when already thirsty.

Yellow Emperor

Explore the Ancient Mysteries of Oriental Medicine: A Personal Journey

Imagine you are a seeker, drawn by the allure of Chinese medical theory, yearning to unravel its age-old mysteries. You are in search of a path that not only enlightens you with ancient wisdom but also empowers you to take care of your health, holistically. You crave a deeper understanding of this healing art to nurture your well-being.

Finding the right course, the perfect guide to aid your exploration can feel like navigating a maze. You long for a learning experience that intertwines theory and practice in a dance as seamless as Yin and Yang. You desire an institution that doesn’t just cater to your interests but nurtures your personal growth, like a seedling reaching for the sun.

If this resonates with you, if this is the quest you are on, then you are not alone. We’re here to accompany you on this journey of discovery. Whether this is the beginning of your journey towards understanding your own health or becoming a Shiatsu or Chinese Medicine practitioner, this is the place to start. 

A Leader in East Asian Medicine Education

With a rich heritage spanning over three and a half decades, the Australian Shiatsu College stands as a beacon in the realm of holistic healing education. We recognise your hurdles and resonate with your thirst for knowledge. Our Chinese Medicine short course is your golden ticket to the enchanting universe of East Asian Medicine, steered by a wide range of adept instructors committed to nourishing your personal and holistic health evolution.

Dive Into Discovery

Enrol in our Oriental Medicine Frameworks short course. Step into the world of ancient wisdom and holistic healing, paving your pathway to personal growth and empowerment. Combine it with practical training in Zen Shiatsu studies to experience the hands-on application of this knowledge within clinical practice.

Engage and Evolve

Actively participate in our comprehensive curriculum, designed to fuse theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience. Embrace the support and insights of our vibrant learning community, thriving together in the shared passion for health and personal development.

Apply and Amplify

Put your newfound knowledge to use in your everyday life, making well-informed decisions about your health. Allow the wisdom of Chinese Medicine theory to enrich your personal well-being and, in the process, evolve from a curious seeker to a knowledgeable advocate for your own health.

What will you uncover studying Chinese Medicine Principles?

By stepping aboard our short course into this amazing traditional medicine approach, you’re unlocking a treasure trove of premier instruction that traverses the expansive terrain of Oriental Medicine. Our Chinese medicine online course is delivered in a flexible fusion of self-paced online learning and live tutorials, designed to ensure you glean a robust understanding of core principles and their application to real-world health scenarios.

Take the plunge and elevate your understanding of health and well-being to a whole new plane. The journey is set, and your seat is waiting.

“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


Embarking on Oriental Medicine Frameworks 1, you’ll:

  • Delve into the History and Philosophy of Oriental Medicine
  • Dissect Yin Yang Theory
  • Unravel Five Element Theory
  • Decode Qi (Vital Energy), Blood, and Body Fluids
  • Understand the basic theory of the 12 Organ systems
  • Interpret Physiology through the Oriental Medicine Lens
  • View how the physical body is related to emotional and mental aspects of the Shen (spirit)

But the journey doesn’t stop there. As the calendar flips to the second half of the year, Oriental Medicine Frameworks 2 invites you to venture deeper into:

  • The Origin of Illness: Probing the Causes of Disease
  • The Way of Seeing: Differential Diagnosis according to the East Asian Medicine Paradigm
  • The Dance of Dysfunction: Examining Disease Response from an Oriental Medicine Standpoint

Together, these courses weave an intricate tapestry of understanding, bringing the principles of Chinese Medicine into sharp, captivating focus. They open the door to further studies with us in our nationally accredited Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (HLT52215).

The Mysteries of Yin Yang in Your Hands

Open yourself to a new way of viewing the world and your health

Stepping into our Oriental Medicine program is like stepping into a world teeming with wisdom and profound healing practices. This journey will amplify your grasp of holistic healing, blossom your personal well-being, and equip you with the confidence to make enlightened choices about your health. Being a part of our vibrant learning community is like basking in a garden of shared passion, where the growth of each individual is celebrated and nurtured.

While it’s natural to feel comfortable in your current state of knowledge, remember that the world of East Asian Medicine holds countless more gems of wisdom that could enrich your life in unimaginable ways. This course is a portal to those untapped riches that beckon to enhance your personal health journey.

Welcome aboard the Australian Shiatsu College’s Oriental Medicine Frameworks short course and metamorphose from a curious wanderer to an informed and empowered custodian of your own health and well-being. Imbibe the essence of this holistic medicine, understand how energy flows in the human body, and let it guide your health decisions. Because when you know better, you do better. The power to transform your health and wellness narrative is just one decision away.

Unleash Your Healing Potential with Oriental Medicine

Ready to unlock the secrets of Oriental Medicine and revolutionise your health journey? Click here to enrol in the Oriental Medicine Frameworks short course and take the first step towards a healthier, more enlightened you. Transform your curiosity into mastery today!

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