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College mission statement

The Australian Shiatsu College aims and values

The Australian Shiatsu College aims to provide contemporary Shiatsu and Traditional Oriental Medicine education and training in an environment that will enhance the provision of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies to meet client needs.

  • The Australian Shiatsu College remains committed to the promotion of Shiatsu and Oriental healing arts (and the education of other health professionals and the wider community)
  • The Australian Shiatsu College will be client-centred in all its functions. The design and implementation of policy and procedures will be undertaken with the needs of clients considered foremost

Our students require a keen awareness of holistic health and well being, and a desire to acquire the knowledge and skills to realise this in a professional capacity as a shiatsu therapist.

With this awareness, it is expected that potential students have life experiences beyond secondary school. This program requires the learners to be ready to commit to undertaking deep personal development and growth in order to meet the qualification (practitioner) requirements.

A competent practitioner maintains a strong connection that is both internal (grounded, focused, aware and responsive) and available to the client they are working with, this connection is the key to successful Shiatsu therapy.

The ASC is committed to fostering a community that is open and supportive and reflects these qualities.

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