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2017 Year of the Rooster

A Red Fire Rooster!

After the shake up and monkey business of 2016 we see the Year of the Rooster ready to rule the roost when the Chinese New Year commences January 28th.

The Rooster is the tenth animal in the Chinese Zodiac 12-year cycle. It holds the characteristics of loyalty, honesty, hard work, precision and clarity. 

Success this year is therefore said to come about through hard work, patience, clear goals and communications, it may be the case of doing slightly less but doing it well.

Like the Rooster embodies, it is a year where impressions and attention to appearance are looked upon favorably.

Although there is always the cautionary side of the Rooster that rather enjoys the spotlight and to talk a lot…about itself, coming across instead as vain and boastful.  The Rooster’s intelligence and quick-wit can also switch to impatience and come undone with a sharp-tongue.

Some might say this year could be a wake up call as the Rooster is nature’s original alarm clock, rallying all within earshot with its punctuality and precision. This rallying call is one of action – for all – with the greater whole in mind.