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Autumn at the Australian Shiatsu College

With the passing of the equinox we move further into Autumn and the corresponding Metal phase.

As we see reflected in nature, the energy starts to contract inwards and downwards, a natural return to the earth. The yang of summer wanes and the deep yin towards winter grows.

In the framework of Oriental Medicine theory, this season connects with the network of the Lungs and Large Intestine.

Creating a partnership of exchange, the Lungs (yin) interface between our external and internal environments, taking in the purity through the breath, while the Large Intestine (yang) serves to release what is no longer needed.

The Metal phase begins the cycle of the Chinese clock (Lung at 3-5am, and 5-7am Large Intestine). This pre-dawn and early morning time has long been used for breathing practices and outdoor exercises like tai chi and qi gong. If there is an imbalance or disharmony within the Metal element, we may see symptoms worsen during this cycle of the clock.  

The Lungs are considered a delicate organ and can easily be affected by dryness, making them vulnerable to infection. They provide an important boundary of defence to our internal environment.  

The declining nature of the season also reflects the emotion attributed to the Metal phase – that of grief and sadness. Having a healthy metal quality within us, allows us to be present and move through the experiences and phases of life – without becoming trapped within or armouring against.

At the Australian Shiatsu College, Autumn sees the celebration and Diploma ceremony for our recent graduates. We would like to acknowledge and congratulate their achievements and wish them well as fully fledged practitioners.