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Autumn at the Australian Shiatsu College

As the dynamic, hot, and yang energies of Summer fade, gradually the subtler, receptive, and cooler yin energies of Autumn move to the fore.

Along with the shorter days and falling leaves, the urge for activity dissipates and it is appropriate to follow the trend of the trees in letting go, conserving our energy and turning our focus inward.

We are encouraged to embrace the opportunity to slow down, restore, and invite space into our inner landscape. Taking the time to sit in nature and observe its rhythms can help with this.

The element that corresponds with Autumn is Metal. One of its strengths is discernment – the ability to cut through to the heart of the matter and clearly recognise that which is worthy of our energy.

The organ systems and meridians activated during Autumn are the Lung and Large Intestine. In harmony, the Large Intestine meridian aids with letting go of the things we no longer need. Coupled with the Lungs function in expressing grief, we may notice the manifestations of grief come to the surface during this season.

Breathwork can be a powerful way to get in touch with these energies. A simple and short practice to try is to take a deep slow breath into your lower belly, hold for a count of 2 and then release the breath slowly. As you breathe trace the path of the breath. Repeat this 5 times with awareness.

At the College, both new and continuing students are enthusiastically honing their Shiatsu skills whilst others will be soon finishing their studies and graduating at the end of March. We wish them all the best on their path as practitioners and welcome them into the broader Shiatsu community.

You are all a part of that broader community and we warmly invite you to stay in touch. To further support our Alumni we have a series of monthly Postgraduate Supervision Workshops commencing this April. All diploma graduates are invited to attend.

In winter we will be welcoming back Stephen Birch for a series of his always insightful and thought-provoking lectures. This series will encompass both acupuncture treatments for autoimmune problems, and how to target psychological and emotional problems through qi regulation.

And when the summer returns Bill Palmer and Teresa Hadland will also return from the UK to run their wonderful workshops. As you ease yourself into Autumn our clinics can be a lovely way to create some space for yourself. Student Clinic will be running every Friday and Practitioner Clinic every Saturday.