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Autumn 2022 – Season of Metal Element

As the cool crisp mornings are with us once more and the landscape is filled with early mists, we find ourselves entering Autumn, the time of Metal energies.

Metal is the phase where our Yang (active) energies remain as we move towards the Yin (restful) time of year. Around us we observe that the trees are done with their fruitful times, shedding their leaves and sending their sap inwards to store and rest for the Winter. Accordingly, we begin to internalise our energy and wind down our activities.

During this time, as the daylight hours shorten, we (should) reduce our workload, respectfully retiring from the exuberance of the Summer Fire energies. This is the time we draw from our storehouse of wisdom and learning and a time of reflection for our soul.

Our Oriental medical text, the Nei Jing, directs us to “go to rest early and rise early” ie not working late and heading to bed earlier. This is a time to “let the mind be peaceful and tranquil” and not disturb our internalising energy.

During autumn, we are encouraged to reflect and let go. To engage in breathing exercises that enhance the process of elimination and purification of our bodies through our breath and digestion. To release our attachments that no longer serve us as we gather ourselves inwards for the Yin Water phase of the year.

In concordance with seasonal eating patterns, we should find ourselves enjoying fruits such as apples, figs and pears and vegetables such as cauliflowers, cabbage, Brussel sprouts and a range of root vegetables. This is a time for dishes of a moister nature such as stews and soups to balance the drier energetics of the season. Including some pungent spices along with onions, garlic and leeks bring flavour in resonance with the Metal element into our meals.

With the prevalence of windy days, don’t forget the advice to keep your neck covered and warm and take a scarf with you when you head outdoors! Melbourne is well known for its quickly shifting weather, so best to be prepared and remain rugged up.

By adjusting our lifestyle to resonate with the shifting energy of the season, we allow our bodies to operate in the most robust and synchronous manner for the shifting environment. By doing so we become more resilient to the influences of the climate, especially prevalent at this time when respiratory afflictions such as colds and flu typically occur more frequently.

From all at the college, we hope you have a joyful Easter celebration.