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Anatomy Short Course | Online Classes | Semester Two 2024

Anatomy Short Course
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Course duration: One semester

This semester-long course covers the structure of the human organism, with an emphasis on bones and muscles to develop greater awareness of the body for performing Shiatsu. You will learn the names and locations of bones, joints, superficial and deeper muscles, and how the body is organised.

This course will integrate an Oriental Medicine viewpoint on the muscles and tissues and how they relate to the internal organs and channels.

Knowledge and understanding of Anatomy enables you to be more discerning and precise when palpating meridians and doing point work in Shiatsu, underpins your capacity to engage in deeper discussion with health care providers and develops a greater appreciation of the wonder of the human body.

Those wishing to study further and become full Shiatsu Practitioners could then continue their studies in our Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.​

Other short courses on offer include Oriental Medicine Foundations and Zen Shiatsu.

Anatomy Short Course Classes

Classes are delivered via our online learning platform during the study period of Semester Two, beginning 15th July 2024

5 live tutorials are scheduled throughout the semester to support the integration and application of knowledge gained through the online classes.