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Professional Ethics toolkit (online)

Venue: Online

Cost: $140

In Chinese Medicine philosophy there is a particular way of seeing the relationship between Nature and Humanity. In this seminar we will discuss this relationship. With reference to the great classic – Original Tao Nei-yeh –. We  will cover:

  • The nature of Qi, its development and refinement.
  • The social impact of self-cultivation in the philosophical sense

About the workshop series

Find inspiration in these seminars on Professional issues where we bring ethics into action. Theoretical and practical matters will be addressed drawing from the wisdom of Chinese philosophy. Of all the ways you might act, which is the most important? Of all possibilities, which one should you bring into reality? We address such theories which provide you with the skills to …

  • Meet the changing conditions and environments within the health profession.
  • Distinguish professional codes of ethics, policy and governmental authority from the ethics which are broadly concerned with human well being and the maintenance of a peaceful society, so that all in it may benefit and flourish.

These workshops are designed to be taken as stand-alone sessions or as a series for those wishing to dive deeper.

At the completion of one or all of these seminars you will have a guide to the moral issues and ethical dilemmas found in professional life and how to manage conflicting interests and issues which complicate professional practice and decision making.

Angela Lane

About the facilitator

Angela is a clinician, teacher, avid walker and gardener.  She has run a multimodality practice, treating a wide range of health conditions for 40 years. Angela has post graduate qualifications in Health Sciences and Philosophy and brings together a broad range of knowledge. She is a senior supervising Acupuncturist in the Southern School of Natural Therapies Clinic and teaches Philosophy and Ethics at the Australian Shiatsu College.

Workshop details



  • Single Workshop
    • Practitioner $ 140 (inc. GST)
    • Student        $ 95 (Inc. GST)
  • Full Series
    • Practitioner  $ 380 (inc GST)
    • Student          $ 270 (inc GST)


$40 per workshop non-refundable required to secure your place.

Refund policy:

Deposit of $40 per workshop is non-refundable. Balance refundable if cancellation given 14 days before workshop commencement.

CPD points:

4 (professional issues – AACMA accredited) per seminar (2.5 practitioner interaction requirement)

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