Enrolments are now open for Zen Shiatsu Semester Two!

Student Shiatsu Clinic – Friday Evening Relaxation

Upcoming Dates:

Cost: $50

The student shiatsu clinic at the college provides an opportunity for second-year students to gain hands-on experience in providing treatments under supervision. The clinic has a community feel, with multiple futons set up in one large room and several students working on clients at a time.

An experienced shiatsu instructor and practitioner oversees all student treatments, providing guidance as needed. Before working on clients, students complete extensive coursework in meridian theory, point location, assessment methods, and treatment protocols.

Student Shiatsu Clinic -Affordable Treatments

Appointment slots at the student clinic are very affordable compared to visiting a private Shiatsu clinic. The discounted pricing allows clients from the community to access the benefits of shiatsu on a budget. Sessions run for 90 minutes and focus on overall relaxation of muscle tension as well as addressing acute or chronic issues. Treatment may incorporate stretching, joint mobilization techniques in addition to shiatsu massage on acupressure points and meridians.

The clinic provides an invaluable opportunity for emerging shiatsu therapists to hone their skills with real-world experience. All are welcome to book an appointment and support the student learning process while enjoying restorative, holistic care.

By appointment only: Call (03) 9387 1161 or easily book your Shiatsu treatment online here.