Unleash Your Healing Potential with ‘Tsubo Touchpoints’

Master the Art of Acupuncture Points and Elevate Your Skills in Oriental Therapies

Each acupuncture point contains a rich source of vital energy as well as an opportunity to open a person’s life, allowing it to blossom forth with richness.

Debra Kaatz

Do you wish to delve deeper into the ancient wisdom of Oriental therapies?

As an adept bodyworker, you continually seek new knowledge to enhance the transformative experiences you offer. Now, you have the opportunity to embrace a pivotal foundation of traditional Oriental therapies – Tsubo or acupuncture points, in our unique short course, ‘Tsubo Touchpoints: Mastering the Art of Acupuncture Points’.

Perhaps you’ve found conventional bodywork techniques aren’t providing the healing depth your clients seek. Or perhaps you wish to deepen the knowledge you already have. Elevating your skills with precise and potent Tsubo touchpoints can open fresh avenues of health enrichment, ultimately taking your practice to new heights.

A Leader in Shiatsu Education

Our ‘Tsubo Touchpoints’ course is thoughtfully designed to unlock your potential in identifying, locating, and engaging Tsubo with Shiatsu’s responsive finesse and precision. This course bridges the gap between theory and practice, delving into the functions of Tsubo groupings and their intricate interrelations, equipping you with practical knowledge that extends beyond mere memorization.

Our course will empower you with the knowledge to determine precise anatomical locations for Tsubo. Accompanied by in-depth descriptions, you’ll develop the skill to discern the most ‘alive’ and potent points for maximizing your treatment efficacy.


Unfold the secrets of Tsubo through online lectures. With 12 months access, you can revisit them as many times as you like.


Understand the diverse benefits and applications of Tsubo in Oriental therapies.


Apply your newfound knowledge to improve your bodywork techniques and client outcomes.

Ready to expand your capacity to aid holistic well-being?

Enrol in our Tsubo Touchpoints Course today. Discover the power of Tsubo and take the next step towards transforming the healing experiences you create.

Our ‘Tsubo Touchpoints’ course unfolds in two immersive parts. You enjoy the flexibility to embark on them independently or concurrently, adapting the learning journey to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, thanks to the convenient online learning format.

In the first chapter of this transformative journey, you’ll delve into the compelling nature of the points and cultivate the skill to engage them. This exploration further shuts light on the commonly referenced Back Shu and Shu Transport points.

The second chapter offers a deeper dive into the fascinating Mu, Luo, Xi, and command points, among others. You will develop a sophisticated understanding of Tsubo selection and the artful combination of these points. * available for enrolment now, all material will be available by 31st July.

To help you assimilate all that you’ve learned and earn your Continuing Professional Development certificate, each section is complemented with a concise quiz. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reinforce your newly acquired knowledge and showcase your mastery of Tsubo.

Your Investment

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Tsubo 1&2


“To expand your awareness of your own healing energy and potent life force, you can use acupressure to help yourself and others”

Michael Reed Gach

Access your potential to positively impact the lives of others through the power of tsubo.

It’s natural to wonder if learning about Tsubo might be too complex or out of your scope. However, our lectures are designed to be accessible and provide continuous guidance, making the learning process easy and comprehensive.

Equipped with this new knowledge, you’ll be empowered to apply these healing modalities successfully, whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the realm of holistic health.

Begin your journey into healing

Visualize a future where you deftly integrate Tsubo touchpoints into your bodywork, elevating client experiences and mastering holistic healing techniques. Your deepened knowledge will be a beacon guiding you through your transformation as a practitioner. Enrol in our Tsubo course today and unlock the power that lies in acupuncture points.

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