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Summer – Season of the Fire Element

The energy of Summer in Australia can be found in holiday time, family time – on the beach, in the bush, families and friends gathering, connecting and sharing. The sounds of laughter in the heat, the joy found in socialising, relaxing and rejuvenating as we let the past year fall away and face a new beginning.

The Fire Element sits in the Summer season. It governs the function of the Heart, Small Intestine, Triple Heater and Pericardium. The main foci of these systems is our heart and emotional state This allows us to harmonise and balance ourselves, protecting the harmony and joy of our Hearts.

In TCM the Heart is paired with the Small Intestine. One of the main functions of the Small Intestine is that of aiding decision making with clear discernment. This helps us to choose what is good for us, allowing us to determine what brings us joy.

Our Hearts are protected from shocks, betrayals and other hurts by the Pericardium. The Pericardium is aided in this role by the Triple Heater which assists in the free flow of emotions essential for emotional expression, resilience and connections with others.

This year we have seen the Fire element out of control, with many areas in our beautiful country experiencing devasting bushfires. Whilst we may feel deep despair, shock, and helplessness in these times, there are some simple and practical things we can do to support ourselves and help bring back a sense of balance. 

Donating to the likes of the CFA , wildlife or communities affected by the fires is a very direct way of providing help. Participating in fund-raising events taps into our sense of community, sharing, and belonging.  Taking supportive action taps into the Fire energy of our Hearts, which is generous, open and compassionate.  In this way we can balance the Fire element for ourselves, and within our communities.

The Australian Summer is also a period of renewal with the new year. At the College, this is a continuing cycle as old students graduate and new students start their journey. This year we also have another cycle of renewal for the College as Lawrence and Jason take on their new roles as Directors. Many of you already know Lawrence from her role in the office and Jason from his teaching within the College. And, of course, threads of continuity weave their way through as Jenny continues teaching the ever popular Zen Shiatsu short course.

If you wish to continue to renew and transform your own skills we have some wonderful opportunities for you. Bill Palmer’s workshop series commences at the end of January and Paul Movsessian’s Moxibustion course commences at the end of February. Full details can be found on our website.