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Summer 2022 – Season of Fire Element

Summer is here now, slowly and cautiously announcing it’s arrival. Warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunlight are with us as we approach the Summer Solstice next week. Traditionally this period of the year is our time of festivities, celebration and time with family and friends.

Summer resonates with the element of Fire, an active and expansive energy that brightens our world. This element brings us outwards into the world and into connection and communication. This is the social energy that relishes in the presence of relationships, both external and internal. Like the warmth and light that emanates from a flame, this energy seeks to reach out and connect with all corners of the world around and inside of us. 

The emotion of Fire and Summer is that of joy. This is a time for allowing ourselves to experience and recieve joy, to give ourselves time to be with the people and in the activities that bring us joy.

The taste of Fire is bitter/burnt and nothing resembles that more than the traditional Australian BBQ! This is also the time for seasonal salads and lighter cooking, resonating with the lightness of Fire itself. So it seems that a slightly charred steak (whether meat or eggplant) along with a salad of bitter greens such as rocket, kale or spinach is the perfect meal to resonate with the energetics of the season.

When the heat of summer becomes too overwhelming then we can rest and rejuvenate with a favourite summer fruit such as watermelon, which is not only seasonal but also shares the red colour of the Fire element!

The ASC community is the most important driving force behind the college. With our admin staff, teachers, students, graduates, clinic clients and all other visitors – it is the connection and Fire energy amongst you all that continues to bring life and joy to the walls of our Brunswick sanctuary.

We wish you all an incredible summer filled with the connection and joy.