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Summer 2023 – Season of the Fire Element

As summer approaches, temperatures rise.. Summer is the season when Yang is at its strongest and everything grows.

Summer is the season when we have all fully emerged from our winter hibernation to shed our coats and play! Summer is about connection.

The seasonal element of summer is fire. Fire gives off heat, light, and life. The Sun is the source of all fire in our solar system. It is now the right season for enjoying the sun, so take advantage of it by going out into nature. Of course too much heat damages the body, affecting our vital energy (Qi) and thus weakening our immunity, so be moderate in your consumption.

Summer is the season associated with heart, small intestine, pericardium, and triple heater. They are the organs associated with warmth, connection, happiness, and passions. By applying the principles of Chinese Medicine to ourselves, we can learn to be balanced in these aspects of life.

When we’re unable to say no to someone else, when we allow other peoples’ emotions to influence ours, when we let other individuals into our lives whom we don’t really care for, who don’t love us the way we deserve to be loved – these are
signs that our Fire element is out of balance. We associate these functions with the Pericardium in Chinese medicine, also referred to as the Heart Protector. The Pericardium tells us if we’re allowed to go into certain situations or not. A balanced Pericardium makes sure to put us in those places where we feel appreciated and loved, and keeps us out of places where this is not true.

Typical symptoms that arise from an out of balance Fire element can include anxiety, restlessness, palpitations, insomnia and inflammation. The three main elements to having a balanced fire energy are establishing healthy boundaries with others, the capacity to give and receive warmth and friendliness when we need them, and the capacity to feel joyful emotions that match the circumstances.

As Summer is a time of Fire and warmth, we should seek to keep a balance in our body through adequate fluids, consuming summer fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumbers and salads.

This is the time to engage in joy, celebration and healthy connection with others and with ourselves.

We wish you a happy festive season!!