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Winter 2023 – Season of the Water Element

Welcome to our Winter newsletter!

We have just passed the Winter solstice, the time of utmost Yin and from now the journey towards Yang begins once again. Light becomes more abundant as we move through the yearly cycle.

Winter is our time of Yin rest, retreat and reflection. It is a time of stillness and listening to nature. And from the depths of this winter consolidation, the seeds of new beginnings are planted which give fruition to our growth and expression in the future.

This season, indulge mindfully in comforting, hearty foods that embody the essence of winter. Sip on warm broths, let your palate savour the flavours of slow-cooked meals, and embrace the joy of sipping on herbal infusions huddled in cosy corners. The aim is to nurture your ‘kidney qi,’ promoting good health, vitality, and a robust immune system to carry you through winter’s reign.

We have a range of upcoming short courses and workshops to support your well-being, growth and journey in the world of Shiatsu & Oriental Therapies. Have you been wanting to begin your studies with us, or return to refresh your skills? Now is the perfect time to do so, and lay foundations for flourishing in the second half of this year. There is something for everyone so be sure to check out our offerings below.

Wishing you wellness and warmth this winter.

Australian Shiatsu College