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Bill Palmer & Terésa Hadland – Six Forms of Touch (Melbourne)

Venue: Ceres Meeting Rooms

Course duration: 3 days

Cost: $840

Suitable for anyone practising or learning any form of body therapy.

This is a rare opportunity to study with Bill Palmer and his wife, Terésa. They both have over 40 years experience of Shiatsu. Bill was a pioneer of Movement Therapy and Voicework in the 1980’s and originated Movement Shiatsu, an interactive style of bodywork that is particularly effective in dealing with chronic conditions and disability. The course is suitable for ALL students and practitioners of therapies that work with the body. You do not need to have any prior knowledge Chinese Medicine or Shiatsu to do the course and people from many disciplines have found it inspiring and relevant to their work and self-development.

The main idea of the course is that the WAY in which you contact a person has as much or more effect than the physical and technical part of the treatment. This course will show how the holistic energies described by Chinese Medicine are affected by the way in which you communicate, the quality of touch you use and the exercises and ‘homework’ that you give the client. The Six Forms of Touch also help the client to become aware of their own body in such a way that they can carry the explorations of the session into their everyday life.

Each Form of Touch is related to one of the combined meridians, often called the Six Divisions, which traditionally connect the physical and mental aspects of energy. Bill has shown how these combinations of meridians are related to developmental movement and thus how to work with meridians through movement exploration.

The themes covered in the course are:

  • Learning how the quality of touch and the relational field effects different aspects of Qi
  • Understanding the Six Divisions and their relationship to infant movement development
  • Learning to directly experience subtle aspects of the body like the inner organs and fascia through Inner Qigong.
  • Giving clients explorations and experiments to take home which empower them to take charge of their health.

Bill and Terésa will also present the Movement Shiatsu Masterclass in Melbourne from Feb 4-6.

About the presenters

Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer is Director of the School for Experiential Education in the UK. He started studying Shiatsu in 1973 and was one of the pioneers of Shiatsu in Europe. He is the originator of Movement Shiatsu, and of the Three Family system of meridian work.  This is an interactive style of bodywork that empowers clients to explore themselves through guided movement and to work on their own energetic patterns rather than depending passively on the therapist to treat them.

It evolved from years of work with children and disability. It has also been inspired by Bill’s study of Body-Mind Centering, Wolfson Voicework and Gestalt Therapy. It is an effective way to work with chronic patterns which are resistant to change. With his wife, Terésa, he teaches postgraduate courses in Movement Shiatsu and Inner Qigong in 10 countries worldwide.

Teresa Hadland

Terésa Hadland has studied Shiatsu since 1980 in the East-West Centre in Edinburgh and London, the Iokai Centre in Japan and with Sonia Moriceau in the UK. For 11 years she taught on the BA in Complementary and Holistic Therapies at Derby University and is now Senior Tutor at the School for Experiential Education. Since 2000 she has coordinated the assessment of teachers for the Shiatsu Society. She now runs two busy practices in the UK and, with Bill Palmer,  co-teaches courses in Inner Qigong and Movement Shiatsu worldwide. Her special interest is in how emotional issues can be resolved through working with the body.


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Ceres Meeting Rooms – Cnr Stuart St & Roberts St, Brunswick East, VIC 3057


Shiatsu practitioner, student, bodyworker, or movement therapist.

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