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Spring 2021 – Season of the Wood Element

After the dormant months of winter we start to feel the stirrings of the energies of spring – a living growing energy. Flowers begin to emerge, the days warm up, birdsong grows and there is a growing sense of needing to move. 

In the theory of The Five Elements, Spring is associated with the Wood element. An energy responsible for setting boundaries, nurturing creativity and dreams. This element in harmony assists us to rise above the fray, see life clearly and find our paths towards solutions. It is a vital energy to harvest that allows us to adapt to the challenges of the moment.

The Wood element governs the functions of the Liver and Gallbladder and is responsible for the smooth flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body. This sense of harmonious flow also extends into our relationships within our community. The nature of Wood is a powerful force that is flexible and adaptable in nature. Wood will move and adapt until it reaches its goal. Plants growing up to reach the Sun will get there in the most miraculous of ways.

The emotion associated with the Liver is anger. When out of balance we can feel frustrated, angry and put-upon. A balanced Wood element allows for a wider perspective. A discernment of where boundaries need to be, the ability to assert them and also a compassion for oneself and others. 

So in these times of lockdown restrictions the Wood energy is of paramount importance. How can we find ways to move and to live in harmony within our community? Chinese medicine offers some insights that can help with this. We can nurture our own Wood energy to help us find balance amidst the chaos. Wood energy likes to move and flow. We can promote this flow through practices such as Qi Gong, walks in nature, dancing or running. Food can also nourish the Wood energy. We look towards greens and adding a touch of lemon juice. The sour taste stimulates the energies of Wood.

At the College our students are engaged in online learning to delve into the mysteries of Oriental Medicine. This knowledge will stand them in good stead for their eagerly awaited return to the College premises for clinic and other practical studies. 

As always our administrative team is busily working behind the scenes. The team is undergoing a time of endings and beginnings – the way in which life constantly refreshes itself. Lawrence and Genevieve have stepped away from the College and onwards towards other plans. We would like to acknowledge their contributions and wish them both every success in their future endeavours. Jason will be continuing on as Director of the College with the support of Liam and Yong in administration. The College would like to welcome Yong to our team and acknowledge the excellent organisational and communication skills that she has brought to the role.

The College offers a variety of workshops and courses for all levels of students. Upcoming workshops include “Sex and gender diversity” and “Professional Ethics toolkit”. If you would like to find out more about our Shiatsu short courses and Diploma please register to join us at our next Open Day on November 28th.